No Fence Can Keep This Dog In, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

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This dog is the Superman of the canine kingdom,  jumps higher than any other dog on earth!

When we first watched this video we all agreed, there had to be some kind of trickery involved. As it turns out though this video is not only 100% authentic, but this amazing Pit Bull is a world record holding super dog. Now if there were only a doggy Olympics, this dog would bring home the gold for sure!

As you might have guessed this dog was not born with super canine powers. This Pitbull’s owner has spent thousands of hours intensively training his dog. The muscular nature of the Pitbull makes it a natural candidate for such training. Their muscular build and athletic like stamina allows them to achieve things ordinary dogs could never pull off. But even for a young, muscular Pit bull a 14 foot jump like the one in this video is an amazing feat!

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