Insanity Alert: Guy Runs Hand Into Blade Of A Running Table Saw, You Wont Believe What Happens!

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Buzzing at a blazing 4000 rpm, this guy runs his hand right into the spinning blade of this table saw!

Nearly 10 people a day loose fingers and hands to table saws in America alone! This guy wants to do something about that, so he invented Saw Stop. Saw Stop is the worlds first completely safe, smart table saw that can tell the difference between wood and flesh. When the saw detects flesh it’s blade comes to a dead stop. Stopping in less than 1/1000th of second and saving the hand or finger of  the person working with the saw.

The saw’s safety mechanism is similar to a touch lamp. When something conductive comes in contact, or close proximity to it, the machine stops running. So to test the Saw Stop the inventor of the machine first tries running a salty hotdog through the buzzing saw. Before the hotdog was so much as nicked by the blade it came to an abrupt stop. The hotdog test wasn’t good enough for this guy though, so his next test was to run his own hand into the saw’s blade, running at a blazing 4000 rpm! Luckily for this guy his invention worked and the saw blade stopped before it could cut him.

saw stop

I don’t know about you, but I think this guy is completely insane! Testing the Saw Stop with a real human hand is like using a real person to crash test a car. The idea to me seems completely crazy!

Since the making of this video the Saw Stop has become one of the best selling table saws in America. Already the Saw Stop has prevented dozens of people from losing fingers and hands.

If you are a wood worker you might want to consider trading in your old saw for one of Saw Stops high tech saws. saw stop safety saws, because you never know when disaster is going to strike!

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