Guy Throws Feces At Judge After Being Sentenced To 40 Years In prison

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This guy is obviously not happy with the judge’s sentencing decision, so unhappy in fact that he threw feces at him.

Ricky Hand, 46 will probably never see the outside of prison again after being sentenced for 7 armed robberies. Hand plead guilty to 7 out of 30 charges and had hoped for leniency after blaming his actions on an drug addiction. The judge wasn’t buying it and sentenced Ricky Hand to 40 of a possible 50 year sentence.

When sentenced, Hand asked the judge calmly, “did you just sentence me to 40 years?” After responding, “yes” Hand quickly removed a bottle filled with urine and feces from his arm sling. Deputies stopped hand before he could give the judge a direct shot of cocktail, though other courtroom attendees were hit with his fluids.

Deputies are now investigating into how Hand was able to smuggle the crap bomb into the courtroom to begin with. And as far as Ricky Hand goes he got additional time added to his sentence for being a complete douche bag.

Thankfully this guy is behind bars though, can you imagine 30 armed robberies! Now he gets to retire behind bars with a full pension. Medical, food, housing all paid for the next 40 years anyway.



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