Guy Shoots Invasive Drone Out Of The Sky As It Was Hovering Over His Home

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He Felt His Right To Privacy Was Being Violated, So He Loaded His Shotgun And Blew The Meddling Drone Out Of The Sky!

This guy, who has two young daughters that swim and lay out in their back yard was freaked out by the drone that had made two visits to his home. On the first occasion his daughter waved at the drone and it took off, shortly after it came back. This time dad made a decision to do something about the meddling drone. Upset and feeling infringed upon the middle aged man grabbed his shotgun and returned to his backyard where the drone was still hovering. The man took aim and fired, knocking the drone out of the sky!

Now I don’t know about all of you, but I don’t think this guy was totally in the wrong here. He had no idea what the person on the controlling end of the drone was after. Was he taking pictures of his daughters sun bathing and swimming? Was he eying up the family’s property for some other malicious reason? In a situation like that I think you have to expect the worse to protect your family and property. It would be no different than catching someone hiding in the bushes in your front yard with a camera, you have to expect the worse. It’s obvious the pilot of the drone was attracted to something on this man’s property.

The pilot of the drone may also be in hot water for violating very strict regulations imposed by the FAA. One of those regulations prohibits the flight of any unmanned drone above residential buildings. The FAA also commented on the dangers of firing upon an unmanned aircraft with a firearm.  This is what they said.

An unmanned aircraft hit by gunfire could crash, causing damage to persons, or property on the ground, or it could collide with other objects in the air.

40 minutes after shooting the drone down 4 men showed up at the man’s home and asked, “are you the S.O.B. who shot my drone down?” The man responded, “yes I am.” The 4 men started at the man when he warned them, “if any one of you cross that sidewalk, into my yard there’s going to be another shooting today.”

Police returned the drone to it’s owner without attempting to view, or confiscate the contents of the SD card for evidence. Apparently the police where more concerned with the home owner, than they were with whether or not the drone owner was in fact a predator.

Although man who shot the drone down was arrested and charged with several felonies, a judge dismissed all charges. The judge handling the case said this;

Since at least two witnesses could see the drone below the tree line, it was an invasion of privacy. He had a right to shoot at this drone and I’m going to dismiss the charges!

The owner of the drone since has filed a Federal law suit against the man who blew his drone out of the sky. He is attempting to recover the cost of his drone and also wants the Federal government to clarify federal law related to the operation of unmanned drones. When if this drone owner would have used a little bit of common sense he could have avoided a huge headache.

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