This Guy Dressed Up Like A Walmart Employee And Then Walked Out The Door With 4 TVs!

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Robin Hood strikes local Walmart, dressed like an employee and makes off with the loot!

Get this, some guy in Virginia walked through the front door of a Walmart wearing an employee vest and attire. Then this guy grabbed a shopping cart and made his way back to the electronics area where he somehow fit 4 HDTV’s into his cart. Hold up now, do they make non-HDTVs anymore? Whatever, anyway this guy then made his way to a side exit were he slid through the door. Once outside he threw his new HDTVs into the back of an SUV and sped off.

Walmart said in a police report that they confirmed Robin Hood was not an employee of the store. Police are still looking and ask anyone with any information on this crime to call their local Crime Stoppers and yad·da yad·da yad·da.

You have to give it to this guy for, one being clever as the dickens and two for having balls the size of coconuts! I wanna know, is this kid the first person to do this, or did he get the idea somewhere else? I would also like to know where he got the uniform. I’m guessing it had to be a family member, or something. I mean they don’t sell Walmart gear on Ebay, or do they?

Look at this, Walmart uniforms on Ebay, I guess that explains where this kid got the uniform!

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You know what I really can’t stand thieves, but for some reason I feel differently about this guy. I mean do you really realize how low down and dirty Walmart really is, do you realize just how many communities this corporation has shattered? This is a multi-billion dollar corporation that will only hire part-time workers at slave wages, because they are so cheap they don’t want to have to provide benefits to full-time employees. Then the thousands and thousands of small mom and pop stores this corporation has put out of business is mind boggling! To give you an idea of how much of an impact this chain of superstores has had on communities check this out. People are now starving, because Walmart stores in their communities have closed. These people who before there was a Walmart would go down to Johnson’s Deli for food. Walmart rolled into town and put Johnson’s Deli and other small community based businesses out of business. So now that they have closed their doors there is no place for them to buy food within a 10 mile radius. The people that cant afford to drive are literally starving.

You may disagree with me, but no I don’t feel Walmart is a victim because some kid out smarted them and got away with 4 lousy TV sets! How does this make you feel, comment below!

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