It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy, Check Out This Full Auto Cheetos Cannon!

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What do you think of when you hear the words machine gun. Do you think of a heavy war machine used for laying down covering fire. Or do you think of an over priced air soft gun. Well this machine gun is neither, this one is made from a leaf blower. Yes a leaf blower any one will do. this man used an electric leaf blower some cheese balls and he made a cheese ball machine gun. it is definitely a different invention, not common at all. An easy inexpensive way of having fun for sure. How many times have you seen something like the cheese ball machine gun? It is worth checking out maybe even building one. shooting your friends with cheese balls. Put that on your summer to do list while your at it. The total for this project is approximately 50-80 dollars depending on the supplies you are using, or where you live. If this invention sparks interest in your head have fun but be careful. As fun as it is/looks the cheese ball being shot out is after all a projectile and can possibly take out an eye. Once again be safe and have fun if you decide to build this cheese ball machine gun.

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