Bizarre, Satanic Tunnel Opening Ceremony Performed For European Elite At New Gotthard Tunnel In Switzerland!

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Ultra Satanic Tunnel Opening Ceremony At Gotthard Tunnel Drew In Europe’s Wealthiest And Most Powerful Elites!

Elites and dignitaries flew in from all over Europe to attend the opening of the Gotthard train tunnel in Switzerland. The tunnel is the longest and deepest rail tunnel ever constructed. To celebrate a ceremony was held, it was one of the most disturbingly satanic, elite involved rituals ever documented! The ceremony which was about an hour in length and split into two parts featured a demonic transgender angel of death, simulated lesbian sex scenes, a sacrificial lamb and dozens of other demonic and disturbing scenes.

The ceremony opened with a group of contractors in orange jump suites who seemed to be under some kind of trance. They stood blank faced before breaking out into some kind of odd ritualistic dance that made no sense really. There was no rhythm, or style to their performance, yet watching it I new there was some underlying meaning to all of it. This freakish performance was nothing compared to what this satanic tunnel ceremony had in store!

gotthard tunnel ceremony

It didn’t take long for the Gotthard tunnel opening ceremony to go from WTF, to OMG! The skittish contractors in orange jumpsuits ushered in a train car full of half naked men and women who performed simulated gay, lesbian and heterosexual sex on each other. The scene was even further escalated by the appearance of transgender angel of death! Absolutely mind blowing! At this point you have to really be asking yourself, what is going on here? Understand that this ceremony was not a public event, only the wealthiest, most powerful dignitaries were invited. These people are the shot callers of Europe.

What you should be getting from this, is that the world’s power brokers and the politically elite all belong to the same satanic club and it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in the devil, or not, because the people running your world do!

You also at this point should consider this. Never in the history of the modern world have the worlds most powerful people come together to celebrate the opening of any tunnel, bridge, or building for that matter. What is it about this tunnel that has brought all of these mega powerful people together? And why are they there taking part in one of the most twisted, demonic ceremonies the world has ever seen?

satanic gotthard tunnel ceremony

The world’s elite usually keep their satanic ceremonies and rituals in private and away from the public’s eyes. The images and video your seeing here are a first however. And to be honest I don’t know why they allowed RT to film their demonic ritualistic festival. That is another aspect of this whole thing that worries me. They were completely out in the open celebrating their god the devil, that’s never been done by these people before, and I promise you there’s a reason for it, I just don’t know what that reason is right now.

gotthard tunnel ceremony

Before leaving the stage, the angel of death laid waste to several of the performers. A few were hung dead from the ceiling with chains and metal hoops. The next scene in the ceremony featured a demonic goat and several straw men. I really wish I had the knowledge to decode some of these scenes, unfortunately I do not. I would like to know what the straw men represent in this scene. If someone knows could you please use the comments below to fill me in?

gotthard tunnel ceremony

This goat scene was intensified with the appearance of scantly dressed druids carrying rams horns, deer horns, sticks and a sacrificial lamb. There is more satanic symbolism being thrown around here than in most satanic churches. It really makes you wonder who these people are that control our money and governments.

gotthard tunnel ceremony

The occultic, satanic parade continued with one scene featuring the pope ushered in on an Reliant, accompanied by two nuns on each side of him praying. In the same scene another train car rolls in that has a ornate wreath attached to the front of it with a rams skull mounted in the center. This scene also concluded the first part of the Gotthard train tunnel opening ceremony. So far this ceremony has absolutely nothing to do with the worlds longest and deepest tunnel. Is there a secret agenda tied to the Gotthard tunnel project? I would be willing to bet my last dollar on it!

the pope gotthard

The rich and powerful elites boarded the train after the first part of the ceremony for a stroll through the Gotthard Train Tunnel. They were welcomed on the opposite side of the tunnel with the continuance of this sick, demonic, ritualistic ceremony. Things picked up outside, on a stage in front of a large monitor that displayed images of the all seeing eye, Satan himself as well as a clock that stopped several times on the time 9:11!

They enjoyed more half naked, crazed, freakish performers. Dancers, if you want to call them that stumbling around and groping each other in a twisted way. The show from this point on was an even more intense orgy of perverted satanic worship.

gotthard ceremony

The undead took center stage flaunting more rams heads, followed by three ghostly figures hovering above the stage. What is the deal with all the rams heads? I’m no expert, but I do know and understand the basic symbolism of satanism and this ceremony is loaded!

gotthard train tunnel

At one point satan showed himself on the big screen of death!

satan gotthard

The big screen was used throughout the 2nd half of the event to display a content feed of disturbing images. From this freakish animation of eyes, to some tamed down animations of rock cliffs crumbling under the weight of suspended climbers. The freak show continued though with 3 scarabs being superimposed over the monitor as ghostly, undead figures danced below with the straw men.

By now it is absolutely obvious this performance, the opening ceremony for the Gotthard tunnel is one large satanic rituals performed for the devil worshiping leaders of government and industry throughout Europe. But the question still remains, for what and why out in the open. Are they ready to unleash bowels of the underworld unto the earth?

the gotthard train tunnel opening

As the 2nd half of this disgusting show was coming to and end. strippers and gay men taunted the ultra rich audience. Half naked women used railing to flaunt their stuff, while a group of 3 gay men blew kisses to the crowd.

gotthard tunnel opening

These obviously gay men blew kisses and shot imaginary arrows at some of the men in the crowd. gay gotthard tunnel

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this ceremony came at the very end. A large clock filled the screen, it’s animated hand flew around the face of the clock stopping at 9:11 several times.

This is a very disturbing look into the reality of the people who control the world around us. These people are not kind, loving people. They are satanic perverts, pedophiles and scum who desire power and control. Humanity must rise above these people, or they will destroy us and our world!

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