Amazing! Bigfoot Discovered In Survivorman Footage By Observant Viewer!

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Is the creature found in this clip of Les Stroud’s Survivorman an authentic Bigfoot sighting, or just some kind of illusion?

The first time I watched this clip I didn’t really see anything, so I watched it a few more times. After watching it several more times I definitely see it. I have to say it really does look like a large Bigfoot moving through the brush. It would be hard to draw any concrete conclusions from this video. To vindicate this footage the video would have to be analyzed by a professional who has experience in video analysis. And as provocative as this clip is I am sure it will fall into the hands of a professional somewhere along the way. They will then hopefully analyze the video frame by frame and either declare it as being a ringer, or some kind of freak illusion.

The Eastern Texas Region Of The United States Is A Hotbed For Bigfoot Sightings

bigfoot sightings

In this episode, episode 6 “Searching The Southeast,” Les is investigating an area of the U.S. that is a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings. The organization TexLa Cryptozoological Research Group has documented hundreds and hundreds of Bigfoot encounters in the area, from sightings, to sound bytes. The group seems positive there is an undiscovered bipedal animal species living in the remote areas of East Texas, Oklahoma and Western Louisiana. This area is one of the most remote and undiscovered areas in the United States making it a perfect place for an undiscovered species to remain hidden.

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