This Is What Your Cell Phone Carrier Does Not Want You To Know!

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Free Cell Phone Service Is Here And It’s The Wave Of The Future, Despite Big Cell Carriers Frustration!

Cell phone giants Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are doing everything in their power to snuff out mobile carrier Freedom Pop. The company who’s primary ambition is to provide premium, high end cell service to everybody, regardless of income level. And with plans that start at $0 dollars it’s not hard to see why these giants are so freaked out.

Unfortunately for these mega carriers the idea of free, to extremely low cost service has become so popular that there is no chance they could ever stop the movement. In fact some of the biggest names in business are calling Freedom Pop the wave of the future. Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes all agree that the reign of the multi billion dollar super cell phone carriers is coming to a bitter end. They will have to adapt by offering free service plans, or sink into the abyss of budget minded millennials!

You wont get a ton a data, or unlimited minutes with Freedom Pop’s 100% free plan, but who’s complaining, it’s free dependable wireless plan dummy.

In fact after doing a little digging we found that their free cell phone plan gives you 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month. You can also upgrade to more inclusive plans that are not free, though they are still up 80% less than comparable Verizon Wireless, or Sprint cell plans. Lets put it this way, Freedom Pop’s unlimited plan is about $20 per month! That includes unlimited text talk and data.

The demand for Freedom Pop is in extreme demand around the world, unfortunately their 100% free service plans are only available in the United States and the United Kingdom as of now.

Freedom Pop is setting the trend for the future, the big carriers are going to be forced to offer free, or next to free service plans in the future, or they will go out of business. It’s no different than broad band internet service. Once Google has their network up and pumping out free, or next to free broadband to everyone on the planet companies like Comcast are going to be forced to adapt, or die.

Get free, or next to free cell phone service here, through Freedom Pop!

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