Food Stamp Recipients To Be Barred From Purchasing These “Luxury” Foods

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Several States are looking at bills that would stop welfare recipients from purchasing Lobster, Crab, high end Steaks and more With Their EBT Cards.

I think we have all witnessed the madness at one time or another. You know that person at the grocery store, who is supposedly down on their luck, that has a cart heaped to the top with seafood, expensive cuts of steak and of course an endless array of junk foods. It’s really frustrating to see that a program put into place to assist people that have fallen on hard times, be abused by people who think they are entitled to use those benefits to gorge! It is honestly about time state governments become more stringent on benefit guidelines.

Listen Ive personally been through some really rough times in my life. At one point I had no choice but to apply for benefits at the state welfare office, they didn’t make it easy, but they did end up giving me a few dollars in food stamps each month to keep my family fed. When me and my wife went shopping with those food stamps we were very particular in what we purchased, we never bought junk food and would never have even considered purchasing lobster, or crab meat with them. We lived off of chicken, London Broil, pork chops and canned veggis. How anyone could feel so self entitled that they think they have a right to purchase “luxury” food items and junk food items with their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Benefits is beyond me!

So far New York, Missouri and Wisconsin are seriously looking into barring food stamp recipients from purchasing “luxury” food items and non-nutritional food items with state funded food stamp benefits.

This list will most definitely grow as the food stamp, misuse and abuse epidemic is being brought to the surface. Hopefully at some point all 50 states come to their senses and begin to hash out new guidelines for benefit recipients.

The purpose of these programs are to provide nutritional benefits to people in need. Government funded welfare assistance programs are not civil, or social rights, they are temporary benefits, that are there to provide bare necessities to people in need. Shellfish, high end cuts of steak, junk food and energy drinks are not nutritional necessities. Maybe we should go back to a system that rations food off. Where the government provides the food products needed to provide proper nutrition to families in need. Each family would receive benefits to acquire specif food items to make 3 nutritional meals per day.

The issue being addressed by these states is really quite simple. It’s like this, you try to help a friend out who has no transportation, so you give him your credit card and tell him to go find a vehicle that will get him around. Two hours later your friend rolls up in a flashy BMW, instead of the Civic you had expected. It’s not the best allegory, but it fits and parallels perfectly with the existing epidemic of food stamp gorging by millions of Americans.

There is a minority that would turn this into a race, or self-entitlement issue when clearly it is not. A recently published article on the website IfYouOnlyNews wrote a piece titled “Hateful NY Republicans Move To Block People On Welfare From Eating Rich People Food.” in response to the N.Y. push to pass a bill that would limit food stamp spending to only necessity, cutting most seas foods, gourmet steaks and non-nutritional foods from it’s state managed supplemental nutrition program.

If these people had their way they would be pushing for the accepted use of food stamps at every fast food restaurant in America. Not only would N.Y. Strip Steak and Lobster be on every welfare recipients menu, but nutritional red and white wines would also be accepted for purchase on their EBT cards as well!

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