Massive Tumors Plague Fish, Never Before Seen Cancer Ravaging U.S. River.

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Aggressive new cancer discovered in PA river, exotic cancer alarms PA Fish & Boat Commission!

If your are a fisherman this video may be your cup of tea. Especially if you live somewhere along the Susquehanna river. Sometime back in November a small mouth bass was caught in the river and had a abnormally large bubble on its  lower jaw. On May 4th the PFBC identified the bubble as a cancerous growth. The type of cancer has never been seen before. However the cancer rate in fish in the Susquehanna river has increased drastically. Many fish that have been caught the past few months have been reported has having multiple bumps and incisions. This is still a mystery though due to the fact that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission are trying to find the source this cancer that was found in the fish. The fish that they found the cancer in was a small mouth bass caught in the Wilkes-Barre area. This topic also made it to the Times leader as their headline article. Since 2005 the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission biologists have study more than 22,000 grown small mouth bass. their studies were based on how healthy the ecosystem is along the Susquehanna river basin. Now the studies continue as the PFBC attempt to find the source of the malignant or cancerous growths on the fish. The Susquehanna river was added to the list of impaired waterways in 2012.

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