News Crew Jumps Into Action, Saving Baby Deer From Flood Waters

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News crew risks life and limb saving baby deer from flooded stream.

A news crew, with the help of the PA State Police were able to save this fawn from a flooded creek outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past week Pittsburgh and it’s surrounding areas has experienced some of the worst flash flooding in the city’s history. The flooding, as many tragedies do, brought out the best of this news crew who risked life and limb to save this baby deer from a stream that had been turned into a rushing river by heavy rains.

The animal can be seen swimming frantically in an attempt to find relief from the overwhelming force of the flood waters. The baby deer was definitely in panic mode and would probably have most likely drown if it were not for the actions of a few very unselfish people. While most people stood by with their smartphone recording the baby deer’s struggle, one heroic man braved the flood waters to save the deer from certain death.

It is always refreshing to see good people doing good things out of the goodness of their own hearts. Because of the selfless act of these heroic people this baby deer will live to see another day.

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  1. Reply Sens June 8, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    So now that humans had contact with the baby deer, does that mean after all the smiles and happy faces on the video, they will euthanize the deer like they did to that baby bison? What’s the difference between not euthanizing the deer ,but euthanizing the baby bison. just wondering´╗┐

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