Farm Truck Vs. Lamborghini, You Won’t Believe How Bad One Of Them Gets Beat!

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Farm Truck, From The Hit TV Show, Street Outlaws Was Spotted Racing A Lamborghini Huracan On A Drag Strip Somewhere In The U.S. The Beating That One Of These Drivers Takes Is Absolutely Epic!

Farm Truck at first glance looks like an old beat up work truck that’s a few short miles away from it’s grave. Though a quick look under the hood tells an entirely different story! Farm Truck’s power plant is a 632 Chevy big block engine with all the fixings, including a dual stage nitrous oxide system.

Watch as it goes up against one of the world’s most legendary super cars, the Lambo, or Lamborghini Huracan. Only one of these vehicles is going to win, which is it going to be? A 46 year old Chevy C-10, or a 2016, $250,000 super car? I don’t know about you, but I always put my money on the under dog and in this match up it’s on Farm Truck!

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