Run For The Hills, These Are The Most Extreme Fireworks Disasters Of All Time

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The Seest, Denmark Fireworks Factory Disaster Of 2004

On November 3, 2004 the N. P. Johnsens fireworks warehouse in Seest Denmark went up in flames. The company at the time was the main importer of fireworks into the country of Denmark. The fireworks company had nearly 300 tons of explosive materials stored in the facility when the fire ignited, causing one of the most extreme fireworks disasters of all time! Because of the size of the explosions authorities initially believed that the warehouse had stored more than the legally allowed limit of 300 tons, thought the company was vindicated of any wrong doing.

The Seest fireworks disaster is without a doubt one of the most extreme fireworks disasters of all time. Luckily only one person died because of the accident, though numerous people were injured.


The SE Fireworks Disaster, The Netherlands 2000

Possibly even more extreme than the Seest fireworks disaster, the SE Fireworks disaster of 2000 completely destroyed the fireworks facility and most of the surrounding town. The fireworks disaster featured several large explosions, the smallest was estimated to be the equivalent of 800Kg of TNT, While the largest explosions was said to be the equivalent of 5000Kg of TNT! The company was the main importer of fireworks into the Netherlands from China. They supplied fireworks for some of the largest events in the country.

Sadly the SE Fireworks disaster in the Netherlands took the lives of nearly 30 people and injured dozens more. The fireworks disaster also completely destroyed close to 400 homes and damaged nearly 1200 more!


Fireworks Warehouse Leveled In Columbia

A fireworks warehouse in Columbia erupts into flames and is followed by violent explosions. A television news crew at the scene was there to catch the entire event unfold. The initial explosion actually blew the camera man off of his feet, what followed was complete chaos!


The Southampton Fireworks Disaster 2016

More recently in Southampton, England a fireworks warehouse erupted into flames causing several explosions. By the time firefighters got to the scene the fire was so intense it was impossible for them to fight the fire. The warehouse was a complete loss. Authorities are not sure of just how much explosive material went up in the flames, but it’s estimated that the equivalent of about 1000Kg of TNT was ignited.
Luckily this fireworks disaster did not take any lives, injuries were also minimal.


The Great Unknown Fireworks Disaster Of 2014

We couldn’t find much information on this extreme fireworks disaster. From the looks of things though, it appears that while setting up a fireworks display one of the fireworks was ignited causing a chain reaction.


Deadly Puttingal Temple Fireworks Disaster, 2016

Probably one of the deadliest fireworks accidents of all time was the Puttingal Temple fireworks disaster. More than 15,000 pilgrims were visiting the temple at the time of the fireworks disaster. The fire caused by smaller fireworks ignited a large cache of aerial fireworks killing more then 100 people and injuring more than 400 more. Most of the injuries were people who had been severely burned by the rouge fireworks and flames.


Fireworks & Balloon Festival Turned Disaster 2013

At a balloon lighting festival in Oslo, a large fire balloon was set ablaze by fireworks being lit off around it. On it’s way down the balloon crashed into and ignited a large cache of fireworks, setting off a chain reaction that took the lives of 3 people and injured dozens more.


Russian Gas Station & Fireworks Warehouse Explode

A lady who noticed smoke rolling out of a gas pump across the street starts to film. As she begins filming the entire gas station erupts into a giant fireball. The explosion also ignited a fireworks warehouse attached to the gas station causing even more chaos. the combination of fireworks and gas create one of the most dramatic fireworks disasters of all time!


2016 Chinese Spring Festival Fireworks Disaster

During the Chinese Spring Festival in china, 2016 a fireworks warehouse caught on fire sending large aerial fireworks flying everywhere. Most of the festival goers believed the fireworks were part of a planned event, until things became apparently out of control.

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