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The Swedish Government Evicted This Family From Their Home, To Give It To Muslim Migrants!

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This hard working family was evicted from their home by the Swedish government, so that Muslim migrants just entering the country would have a home to move into.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Swedes, I catch news of this and wonder, just how much more insanity will these people put up with before they take their towns and cities back from the hands of their failed leaders.

Uffe Rustan is a father of two and a natural born Swede. He and his family had moved into their home just over a year ago, which had been rented to them by the city of Lidingö. Uffe recently received a voice mail from the same municipality recently that left him feeling terrified and  worthless. The voicemail he received was an eviction notice, telling him he and his family would need to be out by August! When Uffe returned the call and demanded answers he was simply told, “people are coming from other countries.”

“It feels like I’m worthless, even though I pay taxes and my kids go to school here,” Uffe said. You cannot put a family on the streets for another family!” He said the news was depressing and wonders why native Swedes, who have lived and paid into the system their entire lives are being treated like garbage and the Muslim migrants are being treated so well. It makes no sense, it really doesn’t.

Sweden isn’t the only country in the EU that is ousting it’s low income citizens into the streets, to make room for Islamic migrants!

This story would be a tragic one by itself, though the complete disregard of Sweden’s citizens by it’s government has become a common place in the country, where native people are being tossed out into the streets, while being forced to deal with skyrocketing crime rates, rapes, theft, rioting and a dismantling of their culture. Then to top everything off, the government is arresting Swedish people if they speak out about the terror they are being forced to endure.

Sweden is not the only country in the EU that is tossing it’s people out into the streets to make way for the migrant influx. Low income German citizens are being asked to leave their homes, so that Muslim migrants coming into the country have a place to call home. Even the Telegraph reported, “Germans are beginning to receive notices of eviction to make way for asylum seekers.”

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