OMG, Bible Now In Emoji For The Text Generation!

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Yes, Really! In an attempt to popularize scripture with the younger generation, authors rewrote the entire bible using emoji!

Is the original Bible with all those worlds to much for you, or your kids? If so you’ll want to praise Jesus, the new Emoji Bible is now in print and ready for download conveniently at the Apple store! Soon to also be available at the Google Play store.

“Bible Emoji, Scriptures For Millenials,” was released by the author known only as “Bible Emoji!” It is available at the Apple Store for $2.99. It is a translation of the King James Version of the bible, also known as the Authorized edition. The emoji version covers all 66 books contained in the original.

But For The Challenged And Completely Broke, The Emoji Bible Translator!

emoji bible

You heard me right! If for some reason you can’t afford the Emoji Bible there is the Free Emoji Bible Translator Website! Just copy scriptures your having problems with from any free digital version of the bible and paste them into the translator. Like magic those hard to handle, over complicated scriptures will be translated into emoji’s in a blink of an eye!

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