Breathless Views And A Beautiful Landscape Make This Drone Filmed Parkour Video Perfect

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This Drone Filmed Parkour Video Is So Breathtaking We Just Had To Share It With You!

Drones have opened up a whole new world for amateur film makers and hobbyists. Before the release of affordable, high-end drones films like this breathtaking parkour video were just not possible to shoot for the average person. Now anyone with a few extra bucks and a little bit of skill can produce award winning videos in no time at all. This perfectly filmed parkour video is a testament to the drones dynamic abilities.

Parkour is a combination of free running, gymnastics and martial arts skills that was originally developed in the early 1900’s by a man named George Hebert. Herbert was a French Naval Officer who was inspired to develop an early form of parkour after helping hundreds of people escape from a volcano eruption in the Caribbean. He was impressed by the natives who were able to navigate the terrain quickly in the face of terror. He studied and then developed the earliest form of parkour called “the natural method.”

It wasn’t until years later than an ex-special forces soldier who had learned the “the natural method,” took the training and combined it with gymnastics and martial arts, modern day parkour was born. Parkour spread quickly throughout Europe in the early 90’s. But it wasn’t until the website YouTube was launched that the art form exploded around the world.


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