These Drilling Rig Accidents Make “The Deadliest Catch” Look Like A Pleasure Cruise

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I new oil rig work was tough and dangerous, but from the looks of it your getting paid to step in to hell for hours a day.

Personally Ive worked some harry and dangerous jobs, this though is miles away from anything I would even consider doing. Lets put it this way you really could not pay me enough to work like this! I don’t know how you feel about it, who knows maybe you get off on knowing you could literally die at any second. If you enjoy that kind of thing than maybe you’ve just found your dream job! I’m willing to bet most of you are of the sane type though and would never put yourself in danger like this for a paycheck!

Most of these accidents are on Russian oil rigs, some are on American rigs. Russia in general has less workplace safety standards than America. Which is why so many of these bone chilling videos come from the land of wheat and Vodka.

Here are some interesting facts about oil rig work

  1. Lots Of Job Openings! If you have kahonas of steel and are willing to work long hard hours there’s work for you with most rigging outfits. These jobs include everyone from the least experienced to the most experienced.
  2. Offshore Oil Riggs, A Resort With An Insidious Edge! Offshore rigging companies take good care of their workers. Food, lodging and travel is always paid however alcohol, flamables, firearms and weapons are not allow. Companies do allow smoking in designated areas, but you must use company issued safety matches. Because of the hard work and isolation companies go to great lengths to make sure all employees are happy, comfortable and relaxed. That is when your not working!
  3. Fast Paced And Dangerous Work! If happened to watch the video above you probably already figured this one out! Be ready to grind through long shifts and heavy work.
  4. Rig Work Pays Pretty Well! Considering work on a rig? This is what you can expect for pay. Greenhorns, grunts and laborers do pretty well, you can expect to get paid $45K to 50K a year. More skilled workers can expect higher pay, obviously $60k to about $75k per year. Professional positions pay from $75k up to and over $220k per year. Getting in the door and working your way up the ladder is tough, but well worth it, that is if you survive to make it to the top!

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