This Is What A Dollar Store Steak Looks And Tastes Like

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Living on a budget? We still don’t recommend buying your steak from the Dollar Store!

The Dollar Store is the only dollar store that I know that lives up to it’s name. Go into Family Dollar and you will soon realize it isn’t a dollar store at all, it’s just a front for selling really generic crap at a reduced cost, in some cases. Now the Dollar Store on the other hand is just that, a dollar store! Sweets for the kids, $1 toilet paper for dad, $1 Summers Eve for mom, $1! Everything in the entire store is, you might have guessed it, $1.

The $1 smorgasbord has done us Americans really well up until now! When some genius on the Dollar Store’s marketing team came up with probably the worst idea in marketing history, $1 Ribeye Steaks. Just the sound of the three words together is almost enough to gag you, “Dollar Store Steak.”

Needless to say a very small portion of Dollar Store shoppers bought into the idea with probably not so good results! One guy in particular thought it was a good idea to buy and compare one of these bargain Ribeye Steaks to a real Ribeye from a butcher. This is how things went!

With the two steaks side by side it is pretty evident that the Dollar Store steak is not only lacking in girth, but also looks a little discolored.

The Dollar Store Steak even looks yellow in the fatty areas. The butchers prime cut on the other hand is perfectly colored, it looks so good I would consider eating it raw! The Dollar Store steak was also paper thin, and I do mean paper thin! It was so thin it was difficult removing it from the packaging without tearing it into a dozen different pieces.

dollar store steak

I want everyone to look very closely at this image! Does that look like a steak, or does that look like a big glob of snot someone flung on the grill?

I don’t know about you, but at this point I would have backed out of this little experiment, after seeing that thing sizzling on my grill! Look at the coloration, I’m seeing more yellow than red tones in that steak, that can not be good.

dollar store steak disaster

With both steaks cooked It’s time to taste test these bad boys, I have a feeling someone is going to be sick!

The Dollar Store steak turned into something that resembles a Steak-Um and is less than a full mouth full of meat. It also has a funky smell to it. The two steaks are not even comparable, so lets taste them.

As you might have guessed the Dollar Store Steak tasted disgusting! It tasted so bad that the steak was left uneaten and eventually thrown in the trash.

The brave soul that tempted fate that day fell ill shortly after eating a small portion of the Dollar Store cut. Although he did not throw it back up he was side lined with the squirts for the rest of the day!

The moral of the story, don’t buy your meat from the Dollar Store!

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