Most Intense Day Time Fireworks Show You Will Ever See!

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We’ve Never Heard Of A Day Time Fireworks Show Before, So When We Saw This One We Were Literally Blown Away!

But as it turns out “mascletás” or day time fireworks are a deeply rooted tradition in many Valencian towns during the Fallas de Valencia. Unlike the spectacular displays of night time shows these day time fireworks celebrations are a display of ground trembling explosions, crackling, screeching, thunderous roars and heavy smoke. The Valencian’s call these displays of raw power “musical harmony of explosions.”

To pull this amazing display of explosive brilliance off it takes a crew of highly trained pyromaniacs with huge balls! These highly skilled daredevils are smack dab in the middle of all the action throughout the entire fireworks show, hand lighting the fireworks.

Fallas de Valencia fireworks

Midway through the fireworks show the town’s center begins to look more like a war zone than anything else. Heavy smoke and extreme blasts continue to rock the crowd, while those professional pyros are still in the thick of it hand lighting over sized firecrackers that could easily blow a person to pieces!

Fallas de Valencia fireworks

As the fireworks show comes to an end you can see the shows designer orchestrating the final blasts like he’s conducting a symphony of brilliant musicians.  There is no doubt this day time fireworks display is just as impressive as the most spectacular of night time fireworks performances.

Fallas de Valencia fireworks

To give you some idea of just how powerful these fireworks shows are, people regularly pass out and also suffer permanent hearing damage as a result of 120db explosions and powerful concussion blasts. A spectacular fireworks show like this can blow through 200kg of explosive material. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It sure does, so much so that a Mascletas is now officially etched into my bucket list!

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