Miracle Grow For Chest Hair! These Are The Craziest Cliff Jumps In The Northeast!

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Before bungee jumping, before wing suits and even before base jumping there was cliff jumping. Cliff jumping is natures free thrill ride available to anyone crazy enough to rise to the occasion.

These adrenaline junkies traveled the great Northeast for 3 months in search of the craziest cliff jumping spots in 7 different states. This video is an account of their adventure.

I think it goes without saying. Your watching experienced thrill seekers at work. Don’t go jumping off the highest bridge you can find because you saw some other guys doing here. There’s a good chance you’ll end up dead, or in a wheel chair.

A Little Known Fact About Cliff Jumping In The Northeast

Some of the most extreme cliff jumping in the U.S. can be found throughout America’s Northeast. From the wide open jumps of Red Rocks Park in Vermont, to the tight teeth clenching jumps of the Powder Hole in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, the Northeast really has it all when it comes to jumping!

The jumping is amazingly dynamic here, you can go from 100′ cliffs into a deep quarry to an old railroad trestle spanning a water fall into really shallow water right down the road. It’s extreme and it’s seriously dangerous!

the powerder hole

An Insane Jump Into Off An Old Trestle Into A Small Hole At The Bottom Of A Waterfall, One Miscalculation Would End In Certain Death!

cliff jumping

Back Flip Off The Top Of A Steel Bridge Spanning The Delaware River On The Pennsylvania / Jersey Border

cliff jumping

Flying Off The Top Of An Ancient Cliff In The Heart Of The Adirondacks!

Cliff diving

Monster Cliff Jump Into Lake Champlain, Outside Of Burlington Vermont

cliff jumping


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