Covered In Tar And Stuck To The Ground This Dog Was Unable To Move When First Discovered

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Volunteers rescued This dog that had fallen into a pit of tar, the dog was stuck to the ground and unable to move when they discovered her.

Can you imagine being so completely covered in tar that you could not move? That’s exactly how this adorable little puppy was found. Apparently he had fallen into a tar pit and somehow escaped. The dog dodged a bullet there, but was so covered in tar once he broke free from the pit that he became unable to move. Soon after the tar began to set, all four of his limbs and head became stuck to the ground. Luckily for this dog he was discovered by animal aid volunteers.

dog stuck in tar

Quick thinking animal aid volunteers used oil to loosen the tar on his coat and free him from the ground.

Several volunteers worked oil into the dog’s tar laden fur. The oil began to break down the tar so the dog could be moved and freed from the ground. This is the worse case that these volunteers had ever seen. This dog was literally covered from head to toe in thick road tar.

dog covered in tar

It took several hours and two days, but the rescuers were able to remove most of the tar.

Finally after two days of determined work this dog was almost completely freed from the tar that almost took his life days earlier. Rescuers used dish soap on the dog after removing the buld of the tar with oil.

dog rescued

They could not have asked for a happier ending, this lucky puppy made a full recovery!

This is probably one of the luckiest dogs ever. If it wasn’t for the diligent work of the volunteers this puppy would have surely died a long painful death.

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