This Is About As Close To A Tornado As You Can Get Without Getting Tore Up!

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These Extreme Storm Chasers, Braved This Monster Storm To Get Some Of The Best Tornado Footage Ever!

When I was a kid it was a big deal when The Weather Channel aired some gnarly, up close and personal tornado footage. Back then there might have been  two, or three half crazy clans of men running around the tornado belt looking for hellish tornados to capture on analog recording equipment. Now days there are hundreds of thrill seekers chasing tornados, all have the same agenda. Find and record the largest tornados possible with high end digital recording equipment.

The storm chasers that captured this footage may have scored some of the best video ever of an up close tornado encounter. They got so close to this tornado that I’m surprised they drove away, they were that close! And to top everything off the footage they captured was filmed in super HD!

When they first ran up on the tornado it was still in it’s infancy, it was a small class II that almost looked like it was going to recede back up into the storm clouds.

tornado up close

The tornado begins to grow as they get closer, sucking up into it tons of dirt and debris.

tornado close up

The two decide to get even closer to this now super massive tornado, so they throw it an gear race toward it’s base.

tornado up close

The tornado is picking up truck trailers and other large debris and throwing them around like twigs, the two are in a bad spot, but they continue to roll the camera!

tornado photo

The two are stopped in their tracks by this 52′ trailer that was picked up and set in the middle of the road, forced to stop their chase they watched this once in a lifetime tornado move across the horizon.

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