Clem Shultz Filmed The Tornado That Mangled Him And Killed His Wife

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As several people helped Schultz dig his way out, he said one of them told him,  “Don’t look down because your wife is under you — and she’s dead.”

Clem Shultz ran to the upstairs of his home to grab some lanterns as his wife sat downstairs waiting for him. As the 85 year old man hit the top step he turned and looked out of his 2nd story window to see a massive category 5 tornado. He fell into a state that professionals call “the freeze response.” Paralyzed by the tremendous size and power of the tornado Clem never had a chance. By the time that he came to he was buried in the rubble of his own home.

His wife who was waiting for Clem to come back downstairs so they could head for the basement was crushed by a large beam that at one time supported the weight of their home. Clem did survive, but his life is changed forever. The tornado left him with serious injuries including trauma to his back. The couple was happily married for 25 years.

“My wife called me in the kitchen. She said, ‘Look out the window.’ And sure enough I looked out — we see this big, ugly tornado coming.”

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