Can You Spot All Of The Horses In This Painting?

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Can you find all of the majestic horses in this painting? If not don’t feel bad, It took us some time to find all of them too!

If you think you you’ve found all the horses in this paint use the comments section below to chime in with your answer. Ill even give you a hint! There are more than 2 and less than 15 horses hidden in this painting, right before you very eyes!

The artist of this painting, Bev Doolittle completed this specific painting, “Pintos” back in 1975. She got the idea for the painting while traveling the Southwest area of the United States with her beloved husband. When they cam across a heard of wild horses Bev was instantly inspired. Her very next painting was this painting “Pintos!”

Bev Doolittle’s work is highly collectible today. Even prints of some of her more popular paintings sell for hundreds and even sometimes thousands of dollars. Check out these Bev Doolittle prints and paintings up for sale on Ebay right now!

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