Bubble Blowing Dog, You Won’t Believe This Dog!

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This Dog Has No Manners What So Ever, But We Still Love Her!

Dogs are just amazing animals in just about every way. I think just about every one has a story about their dog or someone Else’s dog doing something weird and funny. Maybe you’ve heard of a dog doing this or at least have seen the video. This bubble blowing husky is amused by the small things. Instead of drinking water or swimming in water he blows bubbles in his water. That is crazy, I have never seen a dog do that. Also if you like animals especially dogs, this video is for you. Check it out and share it with your friends. After all who doesn’t like a cute puppy or dog doing something funny or cute. As cute as this is it is no wonder why it is such a liked video on the internet. I guess you can say this dog does anything to be popular. It is probably better that he stays blowing bubbles instead of stealing your food when you turn your back for two minutes. Or if you take him swimming he will become a much better diver when it comes to holding his breath under water. It is truly amazing what this dog does to amuse himself.

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