Bible Thumper Stomping On American Flag Gets Leveled By Veteran

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At a funeral for a lesbian Staff Sargent A Westboro Baptist Church group felt compelled to show up and protest Gay and Lesbian rights in the military. Some of the most evil people to ever walk the earth had enough values to consider funerals off limits. Just saying, but this church group who are known for their prejudice, anti-gay, anti-American slander and protests felt evil enough to desecrate a dead veterans last respects. Just to give you an idea of how popular the Westboro Baptist Church is check out their Google Business Listing.

westboro baptist churchSo while these scum bags were busy causing a scene at a dead veterans funeral. One of the veterans attending the funeral burst through the security line and leveled one of the protestors who was stomping on an American flag. While security was busy detaining the veteran two other veterans rescued the flag. Bravo!

For me this event bothers me on a few different levels. The first level is just the udder disrespect by a group of people who claim to be god loving, Christian people. I was brought up in a strict Christian home and the actions of this church group go against everything I was ever taught. These people are not Christians, these people are pure evil!

The second level is the reaction to someone stomping on an American flag. There are dozens of videos on Youtube right now of people stepping on American flags during protests here in America. In a few of these videos the protestors do get a reaction, but the reactions are weak. This is the first video Ive seen where a protestor desecrating the American flag actually gets pummeled. So why are we allowing this to go on across America? Why are we not physically stopping instead of confronting other protestors who are doing the same thing? Hundreds of thousands have died fighting for that flag and you don’t have enough fight in you to stop a disgusting protestor at a rally from disrespecting that flag? America needs to man up! I am not and do not normally condone violence, but when it comes to the flag that stands for freedom and liberty, when it comes to the flag that countless Americans have died for, that’s a different story.

So I was entirely relieved to see someone finally stopping the desecration of the American flag. Im sure most of you will agree.

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