School Harassing 9 Year Old Boy For Wearing “Make America Great Again” Hat On School Property!

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Officials at Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School have harassed 9 year old Logan Autry for days over his “Male America Great Again” hat.

9-year-old Logan Autry has withstood days of unnecessary harassment from school officials who are attempting to strong-arm the boy out of wearing his beloved “Make America Great Again” hat.  After days of hounding the child, the school sent Logan home, because of his refusal to remove the hat.

“The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” said Logan Autry.

Logan’s guardian said that he has been following the 2016 election closely and knows more about it than most adults. Logan also studies politics and American history and has been using his passion to bring up talking points with classmates during recess, which have led to several confrontations. Other kids who do not have political views, or have had skewed political views installed in them by parents and news media react to Logan’s talking points negatively.

The hat that school officials are harassing Logan about was purchased by Logan for $20.00, at a Trump rally he skipped school to attend this past month. Logan is like the majority of Trump supporters, he is impressed with Trump’s nationalist ideas, American values and straight shooting personality. “He doesn’t speak like a politician. He speaks like a normal person. He knows what this country needs.” Logan said.

School officials claim they are concerned about Logan’s safety while wearing the hat at school. Which is a the biggest line of crap I personally have ever heard! Something tells me that if this 9-year-old boy was a staunch Hillery Clinton supporter and he was wearing a Clinton hat, there would be no issue at all.

Additionally the guardian of Logan says she has tried recommending that he wear an American flag hat, or something similar to appease school officials, but he refuses.

What people need to understand about this situation is that we are Americans, if you want to were a hat supporting Joe Dirt for president, that’s your right and people should respect that right. What’s happening here is an attempt to silence a 9-year-old, school officials are attempting to violate Logan’s 1st amendment right because they support an opposite opinion. It has nothing to do with his security, if a school is deemed unsafe because a kid wears his favorite hat, supporting his favorite presidential candidate, there a serious problem other than the hat that needs to be addressed.

You go Logan Autry, We support you 110%!

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