Bald Eagle Brings Cuddly Little Kitten Back To Nest To Feed Eaglets

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Unlike Humans Who See Kittens As Cute, Cuddly Little Pets, Bald Eagles See Kittens As Furry Little Morsels Of Food!

Nothing demonstrates that more than this video brought to us by the Hays Bald Eagle Cam from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! As you will see papa eagle returns back to the nest with a furry little treat for his eaglets. I’m assuming the kitten was probably road kill, or something tough I could be wrong. An adult eagle would have absolutely no problem overcoming a small defenseless little kitten.  If you find this video bothersome you might need a reality check. In our society we have become so accustomed to buying food from a grocery store that we completely forget that living things need to be sacrificed in order for the circle of life to continue. Nature is a cruel beast isn’t she?

Needless to say this video has caused quite a stir among online communities and groups on social sites.  I guess the moral of this story is real simple. If you live in Pittsburgh, or any other area featuring Eagles keep your kitties indoors.

The moment Papa bird showed back up at the nest with supper

eagle catches kitten

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