Adorable Baby Rhinos Cry When Their Milk Runs Out

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These Absolutely Adorable, Orphaned Rhinos Start To Cry When Their Milk Reserves Run Dry.

These amazingly cute baby, white Rhinoceroses have had it tough so far. Each of these beautiful baby Rhinos had to watch as poachers murdered their parents for their valuable horns. Fortunately because of the work Care for Wild Africa does these babies were rescued and are now being rehabilitated at their Rhino reserve in South Africa.

Rhino poaching in South Africa is a booming underground industry as the price for rhino horn on the black market is skyrocketing. A poacher can get upwards of $250K for one mature Rhino horn! Making Rhino horns worth more than their weight in gold. The demand for the horns dropped during the early 90’s due to ingredient changes made to many Chinese supplements. But more recently Vietnamese demand for the Rhino horn has grown exponentially. The horn is used in elixirs that are supposed to reduce fever, heal the liver, eliminate cancers and even cure hangovers.

The Boom In Vietnamese Rhino Horn Demand Started In 2008 With A Rumor That Rhino Horn Dust Cured A Popular Politicians Cancer!

Even though there has been no scientific proof to back the claim, the rumor has embedded itself like a thorn into Vietnamese culture. It’s become so bad that even doctors recommend rhino horn powder to their cancer patients. The reality of the rhino horn insanity is this. Hundreds of majestic Rhinos are being slaughtered every year, so that some uneducated Vietnamese person can ingest the equivalent of powdered human fingernails. Vietnamese people are paying $1000’s per dose and would benefit just as much from chewing their own fingernails. Is that crazy, or what?

If countries like Vietnam don’t start taking the rhino horn epidemic more serious the world may lose one of it’s most majestic animals. It would be a damn shame to lose such an amazing species for the sake of B.S. medical remedies that go to selfish people who have to much money.



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