Spectators Were Enjoying The Air Show When This Catastrophic Accident Happened!

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An Atlanta Airshow Came To A Horrible End When Greg Connell’s Plane Impacted The Ground And Blew Up In Flames.

Air shows are fun and exciting, but at the same time daring and dangerous as this crowd found out at the 2016 Good Neighbor Day Airshow, being held at the DeKalb-Peachtree airport outside of Atlanta Georgia. Two pilots were in the air performing deaf defying stunts. The planes were performing cross overs and loops while trailing white smoke. Everything seemed to be going as planned when one plane failed to pull out of a maneuver and flew almost straight into the ground. As the video shows, the pilot’s plane hits the ground and almost instantly blows up into flames, eliminating any chance for survival.

This isn’t the first time terror has struck at an airshow either. Throughout the years airshows have been plagued with horrible accidents due to pilot, mechanical and weather related errors. In fact since the year 2000 there have been nearly 100 catastrophic airshow accidents! You would think the number of accidents at air shows would fall as technology advances, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Airshow accidents are actually on the rise, not a decline. With the year 2011 being the most tragic year ever for air shows! In 2011 there were at least 13 terrifying accidents at airshows around the world.

Airshow Accident Statistics:

airshow accidents

air show accidents

air show accidents

Sources: National Transportation Safety Board, United States Parachute Association



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