Poll: Do You Support An Assault Rifle Ban?

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Do You Believe An Assault Rifle Ban Will Prevent Further Terrorist Attacks, Like Orlando In America?

History and statistics tell us no, no amount of gun control is going to lower gun violence in America, whether it be home grown terrorism, or radical Islamic terrorism.

That is a fact that has been proven over and over again. In fact history has shown gun control leads to increased violence. Unfortunately many of you, despite being presented with facts will continue to believe misleading, dishonest propaganda that has been installed in you by your favorite nightly news anchor.

The only areas that domestic gun crime is up are in gun free cities, like Chicago. When criminals know for a fact your unarmed look out, it’s like a free for all. Britain is also a good example of what happens when citizens allow their government to molest their right to self-protection. Britain banned handguns in 1997 “to protect it’s citizens.” What happened? Homicide rates have went straight through the roof.
britain gun ban

Similarly England and Whales experienced the same surge in homicide rates after it’s gun ban in the same year, 1997. It’s hard to argue with facts and that is exactly what we should be looking at, not opinions and feelings.

whales gun ban statistics

And in America during the years of Washington D.C.’s hand gun ban and trigger lock law murder rates also went through the roof, in fact the homicide rate in Washington D.C. was on average 73% higher during the years of it’s ban. Ironically the murder by gun rate throughout America during that same period was roughly down 11%.

washington dc hand gun ban

And this is what happened in Australia after the Australian government promised it’s citizens safety in return for their liberties and guns. Sound familiar, it should, because your government is trying to play the same card on you.

California has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in America, yet they did nothing to stop the Islamic terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shootings. Paris, France also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the free world, those laws did nothing to stop ISIS from slaughtering dozens of people. Have you ever really stopped to think about why some of the most horrific gun related attacks have taken place in areas that have the most restrictive gun laws? If not you should.

Mexico though is a prime example of why our founding fathers were smart enough to include the 2nd amendment in the Bill Of Rights. Mexico is a failed state that is dominated by political tyranny and drug cartels. It’s extremely restrictive gun laws make it impossible for it’s citizens to protect themselves, or their property. Because of that more than 166,000 Mexicans have been slaughtered since 2007 by drug cartels. That is an official number, new mass burials sites are being discovered throughout Mexico almost daily. The only people fighting the cartels are citizens who defy the country’s gun laws are form fighting militias.

I understand how seeing an event like the Terrorist attack that took place in Orlando could make you question gun control in America, but that is not the answer. Banning assault rifles in general would give terrorist an open invitation to start attacking towns and cities around America with no resistance.

The government in response to the Orlando shooting is doing what they do best, “never let a good crisis go to waste”, as Chicago Mayor said.

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  1. Reply Neo June 18, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Anybody who supports any gun ban, or restrictions is a complete moron! These people are brainwashed and will do anything CNN and Obama tell them to do.

    This is a good post, it doesnt come close to detailing the endless amount of supporting data and statistics that support nonrestrictive gun policies.

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