An Introduction To Sewer Fishing In Saigon

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Today your going to learn the proper technique for sewer fishing the busy streets of Saigon!

You probably think I’m kidding, but I’m not! If you can master this fishing technique you’ll be OK fishing anywhere in the world. So let’s get busy! This is the correct way to catch few fish straight out of the Saigon sewer system! Before you begin you might want to make sure your up to date on your vaccines.

First find yourself a busy street with lots of foot traffic. That way you have some help when the fish start flying! Locate a sewer drain and start poking around the drain with a rod. That’s right no hook, line, or sinker needed. All you need is a sturdy preferably rod.

sewer fishing

Set up in a loose V formation and get ready to catch some flippin fish!

As you agitate the water with your pole you will begin to aggravate any fishes down there . The fishes will ultimately become so aggressive they will start jumping from the sewer at you. If I were you I would also consider wearing some safety goggles. Not so much because of the jumping fish, but because of the rank water and any needles, condoms, or other sewage that may also come out at you in the process.

Finally, collect your bounty! Collect your fish for packaging and transport.

Finally you get to reap the rewards of your hard labor. Collect your catch and prepare the fish for transport back to your village! Don’t forget to soak your fish in a bleach water mix of 1:10 to kill any bacteria, or viruses that the fish might be tainted with. It’s also a good idea to feed a village stray some of the fish before passing it out to the kids in your family. If the stray drops dead there a good chance the fish might not be safe for your kids to eat.


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