Amazing Street Artist Paints Mind Numbing Twin Towers Scene

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This Talented Artist Uses Spray Paint And Crude Tools To Paint This Amazing Scene Of N.Y. And The Twin Towers.

Whenever I visit another city I always make it a point to seek out street talent. There’s something to be said for these amazing people who go out and hustle their skills to put food on the table. Most of these guys and girls are extremely talented. Some of the most impressive and unique art I’ve ever seen was conjured up on street corners around the Country, in American cities. That’s not to say there isn’t great talent in cities around the world.

The tools this artist uses to create his paintings can all be found in a hardware store. He uses canned spray paint, news papers, cardboard and other crude tools to work his magic, which is probably what impresses me most about this guy. Most other artists I know spend a lot of money on their trade tools, like high-end paint, fine paint brushes and stretched canvas. This guy uses the most basic of resources and creates some of the most amazing art I’ve seen.

The truth is, a select group of artists have been using these basic tools to create mind-blowing art for decades. Spray Paint artists are sort of like magicians, there are very few that have completely mastered the art form. Those that have tend to be tight-lipped and rarely share their secrets with other artists. Though anyone can learn the basics by spending a few bucks on spray paint art lessons, it will take endless hours of dedication and hard work to become fabulous, like the artist in this video.


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