Amazing Miniature Worlds Crafted Into One Of A Kind Wooden Rings

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We don’t make it a point marvel over women’s jewelry here, but I’m going to make an exception with these rings from My Secret Wood. These amazing rings are unique to anything Iv’e ever seen. Each ring features an entire miniature, three dimensional world crafted right into the top of the ring. Artists at My Secret Wood in Vancouver, Canada use extreme skill and imagination to fashion each of these one of a kind rings using wood, resins and bees wax.

What I find really cool about these rings is that each one seems to have it’s own aura, or a soft glowing feel to it. I am also impressed with the amount of detail put into each one of these pieces. The intricacy of each design in almost mind boggling. It makes you wonder how the artists are able to design on such a minute scale.

We’re breaking all kinds of rules today, because we don’t normally plug companies either, but the work that My Secret Wood Does is so cool we just have to do it! Guys Mothers Day is just around the corner. You can surprise your mom with her very own, one of a kind sculptured ring from My Secret Wood for less than you might expect. Prices look to be right around $100 for them and each ring is custom made to order. That’s seems pretty freaking reasonable to me! Where are you going to buy anything completely custom for $100, just not going to happen. So there you go, be good to your fellow man and support these amazing artists by purchasing one of their amazing rings for yourself, or for someone you love right here!

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