This Subaru Dives Right Into This Mud Pit, But Will He Make It Out?

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The mud pit that this Subaru STI just dove into would be a challenge for most 4 wheel drive trucks.

This is a truly amazing video with a truly amazing outcome. When this little Subaru with a 4 cylinder engine gets gutsy and decides to charge into some deep mud. I bet we all know the answer “He got stuck” well, not exactly. With determination and a lot of throttle the Subaru was able to pull through the soupy mud. It got near the end and slowed down again. Well he is stuck for sure now, not at all the Subaru yet again is able to get enough traction to get past the thick spot of mud. Slowly driving across the finish line basking in his glory and soaking in the applause of his onlookers. I get it is true when they say never judge a book by it’s cover. In this case by the size of its motor and size. Domestic cars are not always the best option for off-road or daily driving. Sometimes imports are better whether you like it or not. Both domestic cars and imported cars both have ups and downs. In the long run it really does not matter though because a car is a just a machine after all. That means the car can break after driving it 20 miles or it can break after driving 200,000 miles.

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