$81 Million Stolen By Hackers In World’s Largest Cyber Heist!

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Hackers used a multi-level attack to transfer and ultimately secure close to $100 million in stolen funds!

That seems like a crap load of cash, but get this! The hackers originally tried to siphon off close to $1 billion dollars from several different accounts! They were only successful at securing $81 million though, yeah just $81 million!

The criminals had been at work for weeks putting their plan into action. Sometime in February the money was withdrawn from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and transferred to the Philippines. The money was then siphoned off from that account and transferred again to various casino accounts which do not have report suspicious monetary activity. The hackers where then able to withdraw the $81 million dollars from the casino accounts .

The hackers would not have been able to pull off their heist if the target bank were using up to date network security equipment. The bank surprisingly had no network firewall in place which is unheard of in today’s high tech business world. It was also using $10 dollar, 2nd hand routers to route network traffic within the bank.

The details of the heist were actually extremely complex. For a more detailed account of the hack check out this article by the NY Post. Bloomberg has also released a great detailed step by step article that covers the hackers actions from day one!


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