Unboxing A Big Waste Of Money, $400 3D Printed Sneakers!

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We are so, so excited! The new, New Balance $400, 3D printed Running Shoes! NOT!

Are you serious? $400 for a pair of shoes that are made on a machine that cuts production costs by nearly 90%! We are really at a loss of words here folks! I mean are there any running shoes on the face of the planet worth $400? What benefit would a $400 pair of running shoes have over a $70 pair of sneakers? None, right? Or maybe honey bees were employed to manufacture the space aged, honey comb designed soles on these shoes, but I kind of doubt it.

Anyway comment below, I’d love to hear from a few of our brightest visitors!

Ok, my mind is completely blown now! Look at the cost of some of these other 3D printed shoes on Ebay. Ive seen everything now!

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