$25K Reward Offered After Theft Of Famous Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Painting

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The FBI Offers A $25K Reward To Anyone That Has Information Leading To The Arrest Of Art Thieves.

The Springfield Art Museum suffered the loss of a priceless piece of art. In a well planned hit burglars lifted a famous painting by Andy Warhol. The painting stolen was one of his more popular works, the Campbell’s Soup Cans piece.

The “Campbell’s Soup” paintings, part of a set of 10 worth $500,000, were taken from the Springfield Art Museum, in Springfield, after a break-in during the early hours of April 7, the FBI said.

The FBI has also issued a $25K reward to anyone who has information leading to the arrest of the thieve, or thieves.

It was just last year that 9 original Andy Warhol paintings worth close to $500K  were stolen from and exhibit in Los Angeles. The thieves in that heist replaced the original paintings with almost identical prints. The theft of those paintings went undetected for several years.

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