109 Mph Winds Equals Play Time On Mt Washington

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To This Weather Fanatic Who Works On Mt Washington, NH This Is Just Another Day At The Office!

Mt Washington is home to some of the most extreme weather on earth, in fact the highest wind speed ever recorded on the face of the earth, 231 mph was recorded there in 1934. So 100+ mph wind speeds are really nothing spectacular on the mountain. But when you add the human element to those winds things get really interesting!

The human body can survive wind gusts of up to 500 mph and beyond. But gusts of as little as 100 mph make functioning as a bipedal humanoid next to impossible! You can fight it all you want, but there is no winning, as you will see in this video. A gust of 100 mph will  throw a full grown man through the air and drag him across the ground.



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