Jaw Dropping 1000+hp Corvette At LS Fest

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watch as this procharged lsx powered corvette zo6 takes on the competition at ls fest. with consistent 7 second runs no one can touch it. burn outs and fast track times aren’t the only amazing thing about this car. this corvette Z06 has a chevy lsx v8 engine. with 1000+hp this car is no joke. custom valves, pistons, camshafts, rocker arms and more are all custom. another cool thing about thios motor is that it has a pro-charger. the motors’ parts aren’t the only thing custom on this car. the suspension,transmission,drive line,clutch,breaks,exhaust,fuel injectors and the differential are all custom for this car. this car also has a roll cage because as fast as this car is and accident without a roll cage is almost certain death.

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