10 Of The Most Terrifying Torture Techniques Ever Devised!

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Torture has been used as a tool of control by man for centuries. In fact we still use torture in our culture today. Things are different today though, there was a time that torture was beyond a harsh punishment. Some ruling elites took pleasure in torturing people, so much so that the it became almost sport to devise and use the most creatively heinous forms of torture possible.
Ive studied dozens of torture methods and to be honest any single one of them would make me wet my pants. Though Ive found 10 that just go beyond anything imaginable. These are the 10 most terrifying torture techniques ever devised by man!


The Pear Of Anguish

the pear of anguish

The Pear Of Anguish was a compact torture device that dealt an unimaginable amount of pain to it’s victims. Named the pear because of it’s pear shape, the device was mainly placed in the mouth, but could be used in any opening on the body. Once in place the undertaker would begin working the pear by turning the end of it. Slowly the pear would begin to open causing excruciating pain. The undertaker would continue turning until teeth were shattered and jaws were completely dislocated, or broken. The pear is so terrifying that many people are said to have died before even being subjected to it’s wrath. Heart failure brought on by raw fear!


Judas Table

judas table

The picture pretty much says it all! Jadas Table was one of the most excruciating torture devices ever imagined. The person being tortured was sat on a triangular block, which would be bad enough. Then accomplices would either tie ropes to the limbs of the subject and pull, or weights would be tied to the subjects legs pulling him, or her down on to the point of the block. It’s been said that many victims were cut in two by over overzealous undertakers.


The Spanish Donkey

spanish donkey

The Spanish Donkey is much like Judas Table and is every bit as horrifying! Undertakers would force their subjects onto a triangular block of wood on legs that looked much like a horse. The pain from sitting on the horse alone is more than the average person can withstand. Undertakers would then begin adding weight to the subjects legs forcing their body down onto the sharp edge of the triangle. Most people subjected to The Spanish Donkey die of shock, rather than trauma.


The Head Crusher

head crusher

I really can’t imagine a worse way to be tortured than to have my head slowly crushed by some maniac! The head crusher though was indeed a popular form of torture right up into the early 1800’s. This device would slowly crush it’s victims head, the punishment could last for hours depending on the mood the torturers were in. Victims would slowly feel the weight of the device pushing down onto their skulls. Soon after teeth would shatter, bones would break and eyeballs would pop out of their sockets. In most cases a plate would be set under the device to catch the eyeballs as they popped out of the skull.


The Brazen Bull

brazen bull

Only someone with pure evil in their heart could devise a torture method as insidious as The Brazen Bull! The Brazen Bull is a bronze sculpture of a bull that is entirely hollow. The person to be tortured was forced into the bulls belly with water and spices. A fire was then set under the bull heating the contents to a boil. The head of the bull was engineered into a complex system of baffles that would convert the screams of the tortured into the sound of a infuriated bull. Clouds of spicy smelling steam would also bellow out of the bulls nostrils during the process.



Vlad The Impaler, better known as Count Dracula was notorious for impaling his enemies. His army would force the legs of his victims apart and then drive a post up into their body just far enough that the person would survive to feel the true terror of impalement. Once driven in the post would be hoisted into an upright position where the victim would be left to slowly die. An impaled person could survive for up to 3 days. If the trauma didn’t kill them, dehydration would.


Heretics Fork

heretics fork

Heretics fork was less insidious than impalement, but it was true, terrifying torture none the less. With the body of the subject immobilized a double sided fork would be secured to the victims throat. One end was set under the chin, the other resting on the throat. The victim would be left immobilized for days, where he, or she would go without sleeping and eating. The body would slowly become sleep deprived and exhausted, when the victim could no longer keep their head up the forks would penetrate the body causing severe pain and in many cases death.


The Rack

the rack

Possibly one of the most terrifying instruments of torture ever is the rack. The rack stretched, ripped and tore human flesh, muscles and tendons. excessive use of the rack would literally tear it’s victims into pieces in slow short burst of excruciating pain. Many times victims would be stretched to the point of almost unimaginable pain and then left to suffer in agony in that same position for hours on end. Most of the people lucky enough to survive the initial torture of the rack would die hours, or days later from traumatic internal injuries.


The Scavengers Daughter

the scavengers daughter

Exactly the opposite of The Rack the Scavengers Daughter would compress it’s victims into bone shattering positions. The pain and agony inflicted by The Scavengers Daughter is said to be even worse than that of the Rack. Very few people that were tortures with this device lived to talk about. In fact the compression of most victims would result in blood pouring our of the nose and ears. The pain and agony would last four hours though. Those who were victim to The Scavengers Daughter died a slow painful death!


The Breaking Wheel

breaking wheel

The breaking wheel was used in a few different ways, but the most common form of torture performed with the wheel included fire. The person to be tortured was tied to the wheel, a fire was then set underneath it. The wheel was then slowly turned around and around. The victim would be severely burned with each revolution of the wheel. The Wheel was designed to inflict continuous torture for long periods of time. Victims rarely died on the wheel itself. If your sentence was death you would be tortured for hours on the wheel, then removed only to be hung, or beheaded.

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